Mastering the Art of Virtual Networking

Tips for Building Meaningful Digital Networking Relationships

In the landscape of professional networking, 2020 saw a shift, changing the way people connect and form relationships. Virtual networking, once a little used concept, has seamlessly joined the busy local meet-ups and post-keynote happy hour. Virtual networking has created digital spaces where meaningful connections can flourish like never before.

Key Spot has created this blog to be your guide to unlocking the art of creating meaningful digital relationships. We are here to provide tips and strategies that will empower you to strengthen your skills in networking in the digital age while optimizing your online presence for improved discoverability.

Start By Setting Clear Goals:

When starting virtual networking, the first step should be setting a well-defined purpose. What do you hope to accomplish through networking? Are you seeking potential clients, job opportunities or expert advice? Your goals will help shape your networking strategy and stay on track.

Expand Your Connections:

Before networking can begin, a diverse and expansive network must exist. Online platforms like can help you quickly locate people within your industry or niche; join professional associations; and ensure your own social media profiles remain professional and up to date for maximum credibility.

Come Prepared:

Technical glitches can hamper virtually networking efforts, so ensure you have a stable internet connection and properly functioning equipment. Run tests prior to meetings to address any potential problems; prepare questions to guide conversation while showing respect for your contact’s time. (S/N) Make sure your background is not a distraction for others.

Practice Writing: Networking does not solely take place through audio and video – writing skills also matter when networking! Review past messages for professionalism and grammar before sending thank-you notes for their time. Remember, demonstrating your appreciation creates lasting impressions.

Share Your Experiences: Reach out to your contacts and see if they would allow you to share what you have learned from them on social media, which will only strengthen your personal brand as an educator and connector. Doing this can add another layer of authenticity for building your personal brand as an expert connector and learner. To get the support you need as a small business owner, and great networking opportunities, be sure to join the Key Spot Business Partners Program FREE, visit

Remember, virtual networking requires effort on your part; put forth effort, and you will discover opportunities in the digital space.

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