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Key Spot gives me a platform

“Key Spot gives me a platform, allowing other people to see my business!  Key Spot has supported my business on the app, on social media, and provided me with networking opportunities to connect with other business owners. I have been with Key Spot for over 2 years, and am so happy to be a part of the program.”

Cheryl L.

Owner of A Place of It’s Own, Roswell, GA.

I WOULD NOT have found these potential clients if it wasn’t for Key Spot

“Key Spot has really accelerated my nonprofit consulting business. I have received 4 referrals (in a 2 month time period), one of which became a client. I WOULD NOT have found these potential clients if it wasn’t for Key Spot. I have also met wonderful entrepreneurs (and potential clients) at their monthly networking meeting. Key Spot is a great marketing tool especially for small businesses.”

Sandy N.

Owner of Nonprofit Guru, Cincinnati, OH

Partnering with Key Spot App has been a rewarding experience

“Partnering with Key Spot App has been a rewarding experience, and the ongoing benefits of having Duchess featured so prominently on the platform is a source of excitement month after month. I can not stress enough how great this partnership with Key Spot App has been from inception to date. I would recommend Key Spot App, and particularly Cynthia McCalister, to anyone who is serious about growing their business.”

Lillian O.

Owner of Duchess Rideshare, Las Vegas, NV

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